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A neurology practice with specific expertise and focus on traumatic brain injury, concussion, mild cognitive impairment, stroke, migraine, neurotoxicology and war related illness

This practice venue is closed and unable to accept any new patients. Dr Hoffmann is in the process of setting up at a new location in Boca Raton. All existing patients can obtain their records by emailing requests to or messaging to 407-725-5222

What's the Brain Beat Neurology difference?


— current patient

“I just wanted to say thank you again. Your presence in our lives means a lot to my wife and I both. We feel like we are in great hands.”

Brain Beat Neurology is a neurology practice focusing on neuroscience and extensive time with patients.  At Brain Beat Neurology, we endeavor to restore the art of medicine with patient-focused healthcare and in-depth, comprehensive consultations.

Dr. Hoffmann takes time to learn each patient's specific symptoms, concerns and needs, develops a comprehensive understanding of their individual experience and syndrome, and builds an effective treatment plan, based on the latest neuro-scientific principles for their optimal brain health.

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