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Our Practice

Brain Beat Neurology is a unique boutique neurology practice focusing on neuroscience rather than administration. The experience of visiting a doctor has changed a lot over the years. Face-to-face time with a doctor is often limited to 15 minutes or less. At BrainBeat Neurology we are restoring the art of medicine back to its former status by providing patient-focused healthcare. Healthcare should not be rushed. 


Neurology is a complex and challenging field of medicine with diagnostic accuracy critical to correct treatment. Adequate appointment scheduling times is one of the most important criteria for patient satisfaction, addressing your questions about your diagnosis and concerns for the future. Treatment related discussions, different management options, preventative and holistic medical care all are key to successful management. For this reason, my new patient appointment times are 1.5 hours and follow up times, 45 minutes in duration, charged at Medicare rates.  


Q: What services does the fee include?

A: History and physical neurological examination, computerized cognitive testing, behavioral neurological testing, laboratory testing (covered by your medical insurance) and brain scans (covered by your medical insurance).


Q: Do you take insurance and will you file claims for me?  

A: Yes - we bill your insurance electronically.


Q: Do you offer preventative care?

A: Yes, a wide variety of preventative neurological care modalities will be discussed with you and your family/significant other


Q: Do you admit your patients to the hospital yourself or do you rely on a hospital-based physician?

A: A specialized hospitalist will be recruited if you require admission to hospital.


Q: Will it be possible to schedule same-day appointments?

A: Yes, if there is availability, we accept same-day appointments. 


Q: May I contact you by email or phone with routine questions?

A: Yes, you can find all our contact information on the "Contact Us" page.


Q: Will my care be coordinated by you should I require input from other medical specialists?

A: Yes, I will coordinate with a network of trusted medical specialists.


Q: Do you make house calls?

A: In special circumstances, yes.

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