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Unlock the power of applied neurology

With years of experience across multiple applications of neurological research, Dr. Hoffmann has worked with a broad spectrum of people with varying goals, including university researchers, recovering veterans, and business executives. At Brain Beat Neurology, we believe in the power of customized treatments that pull inspiration from all kinds of experiences, backgrounds, and successes to reach your brain health goals. 


See below for a collection of free neurology resources that Dr. Hoffmann has pulled together from his years of research and practical experience.



Dr. Hoffmann joins a panel of esteemed veteran neurology specialists to discuss Headaches in Veterans and Military: Acute and Preventative Treatment with Neuromodulation. You can view clips from the recording for this live event from February 18, 2021 below. 

Q&A Seminar


Exploring a range of topics for different audiences, see the content outlines from seminars conducted by Dr. Hoffmann and his associates. If you have any questions about the seminar content or want to discuss the topics further, you can contact us for more information. 



Throughout his many years in working with CEOs and business executives, Dr. Hoffmann has developed several assessments and evaluations for leaders who make large-scale decisions to determine cerebral competence.


Other Resources

From coaching services, neurological research content, and more, you can find more resources for enhancing overall brain health below. 

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